Fiscal Year End Information 2022

Fiscal Year End Information:

  • Appropriated Receipt Projects – Over-realized Receipts
    Please review your appropriated receipt projects (i.e. lower ledger 3, projects 300000-349999), and request additional structure for any over-realized receipt lines by submitting a paper budget revision, (pdf) or (xls), to your budget analyst by Monday, June 6th. Be sure to include an explanation of the activity that generates the revenue. If additional structure is needed before year end, submit another budget revision and we will try to obtain a quick approval for the subsequent request.
  • Appropriated Receipt Projects – Pre-collected Receipts
    If you have any pre-collected receipts (appropriated receipts collected this fiscal year for services or programs to be delivered next fiscal year – e.g. workshops, summer camps) that need to be carried forward, please submit your request with the project, account, estimated amount, and a description of the activity or program generating the receipts to by Friday, June 3rd. Please realize, we are not allowed to carry forward receipts that are simply unspent, they must be pre-collected for a specific purpose that crosses fiscal years.
  • Final Budget Journals
    Final budget journals should be college approved by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, June 29th if Budget Office approval is required; all others by 6:00 pm, in order to post with the nightly PeopleSoft update. Budgets should be clean in WRS (see year end guides below) by Thursday, June 30th.


FY 2021-22 Year End Guides
Links to our Year End Guides and the University Close Out Schedule are provided below. One guide is based on using the Budget Query, and one guide is based on using WRS, depending on your preferred tool for viewing your budgets. If you want to use the query method and need any assistance, your budget analyst will be happy to assist you.



  • Requests to Carry Forward Pre-Collected Receipts – June 3rd
  • Paper Budget Revisions (pdf) (xls) for Additional Receipt Structure – June 6th
  • Final College Approved Budget Journals – 4:00 pm June 29th
  • WRS Should Be Clean – June 30th


If you have any questions, please contact your Budget Analyst (pdf)

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